The adventure has begun: Lindsay Gillen '12

Three members of Peddie's Class of 2012 are currently in Shanghai, China at our sister school, EFZ, for a three-week intensive language study program. They will be sending their blog entries and I will post them here, unedited. Today's entry is from Lindsay Gillen '12.

I thought I had avoided the wicked jetlag, but it retaliated a little after midnight on the first night, tricking me into thinking it was a reasonable hour to wake up. Thankfully I was able to get back to sleep for a few more hours, and by 5:45 the outskirts of Shanghai came to life with cars, buses, and mopeds zooming by.
First on the agenda in our three hours of morning class was to hand in the language pledge that forbid us from using English for the next four weeks.

After lunch, Young, Steven and I were handed metro cards and a map: it was time to brave the Shanghai streets. Our first stop was a huge warehouse-supermarket-hybrid called Metro. Its aisles held everything from polo shirts to traffic cones to eight different brands of soy sauce. We were overjoyed to find bottles of Bing Hong Cha, an unbelievably delicious iced tea we’d discovered during our last visit.

Finding ourselves with a few hours of unstructured free time, the three of us collaborated on our homework and went for a run around EFZ's track. Then, thoroughly exhausted from my long day, I enjoyed a solid 11 hours of sleep that night.