Final results & overview: 2011 Int'l. Botball Tournament

The following was submitted by science teacher Madeline Cozine.

The 2011 International Botball Tournament took place at the Global Conference on Educational Robotics held in Orange County, California from July 9th - 13th, 2011. The tournament featured 63 teams from all over the world including Poland, Austria and Qatar.

This year’s game focused automating tasks at an airport. Robots were tasked with transfering biofuels, sorting luggage, moving airplanes and building control towers.

Seeding rounds were held on Sunday, July 10.
Purpose – to seed teams for head to head competition.
Each team programmed their robots to complete as many tasks as possible autonomously during the designated time. Teams earned points and were seeded based upon how well their robots completed the tasks. There is a really good overview of how the tournament works here:

Both Peddie A team (Albert Han ’11, Preston Kung ’12 and James Kolano ’13) and Peddie B team (Alex McNulty ’12) finished in the top third in the seeding round.

Head to head competition started on Tuesday July 12.
In head to head competition, two teams run robots simultaneously on the same game table to complete tasks. The team to earn the most points for tasks completed, wins. The losing team continues to play until the team has lost twice (double elimination format).

On the first day of head to head competition, both Peddie teams lost one match over 5 rounds of play and made it to the final rounds. The final rounds were reserved for the last 16 teams standing (out of 64 teams). Half of these teams were undefeated and half had lost one match.

The finals were held on Wednesday, July 13. In the first round, Peddie A was matched against Peddie B. Alex put forth his best effort but was defeated by Peddie A and eliminated from further play. Peddie A continued for two more rounds before losing to Hampton High School who won the head to head competition.


Peddie A finished 5th in the head to head competition and was recognized as a finalist at the awards ceremony.

Peddie B (Alex Mc Nulty) was awarded a Judges Choice, Mars Rover Award for Curiosity.

Both teams are excited to compete next year. Take away lessons for next year: Improve locomotion and speed!