Greetings from Shanghai: Young Joon Joo '12

Three members of Peddie's Class of 2012 are currently in Shanghai, China at our sister school, EFZ, for a three-week intensive language study program. They will be sending their blog entries and I will post them here, unedited. Today's entry is from Young Joon Joo.

Greetings from Shanghai!

I touched down after only a mercifully short hour-long flight from Incheon, meeting Wang Laoshi (our Chinese teacher for the next week) at Pudong International Airport. Then it was off to Terminal 2, where Steven and Lindsay were scheduled to arrive 20 minutes later. They surprisingly didn't seem jetlagged at all; they seemed ready to start the day. EFZ was a mere 30 minutes away, and we arrived to a strangely empty school, with only a few summer camps going on.

We were (figuratively) thrown into the deep side of the pool during our tour, with Wang Laoshi explaining our livelihoods for the next month to us completely in Chinese. This was our first test of the day. It was sink-or-swim time, and we eventually understood the majority of the information, although we swallowed quite a bit of water before doing so.

Our rooms are on the eighth floor, conveniently only three floors below our classroom. The quality of the rooms surprised us, with private bathrooms complete with shower stall, flat screen TVs, a fridge, and a breathtaking view of Pudong through the room windows. (Of course,  the windows were not so clean, an unfortunate side effect of Shanghai's miraculous industrialization. Steven and I spent a good hour relaying cups of hot water to lean out the smaller windows on the side to throw onto the dirty windows, then mopping it up with a towel as long as our arms could reach.) The rest of the day was spent unpacking, then retiring to our rooms for a well-earned rest.