The Culture Bus is on a roll...

Head of the Arts Department Catherine Watkins submits this entry fresh off the Culture Bus visit to see artist Maya Lin in Princeton. Peddie community members interested in riding on the next Culture Bus trip should email for more information.

Last night nine Peddie students and seven faculty members sat spellbound in Princeton University’s Richardson Auditorium listening to world-famous artist Maya Lin talk about her work.  Ms. Lin projected images of her elegant sculptures and memorials, their visual poetry matched by her thoughtful descriptions.   She said that, despite the sheer size of many of her pieces, (Wave Field at Storm King Art Center is 11 acres!), she tries to communicate in a very simple, one-on-one way with the viewer, likening the personalized experience to that of reading a book.  Peddie Junior Soo Joo enhanced everyone’s engagement by bravely stepping up during the Q&A session to ask Ms. Lin some questions related to her high school years. 

At the end of a very full day at Peddie, a 6:00 p.m. lecture might not have seemed like a fun activity, but we all left the experience feeling energized.   (Some frozen yogurt from Twist for the ride home didn’t hurt our spirits either!)  This was the third outing for the Culture Bus, an idea hatched in the arts department as an effort to take better advantage of our excellent location near New York, Philadelphia, and the culturally-rich university town of Princeton.  At Peddie we are all so absorbed in our classes and extracurricular commitments (which is a good thing!) but sometimes an off-campus excursion offers fresh perspective and inspiration.   

Our next Culture Bus adventure is Saturday, October 29 when we head over to the Princeton Day School for their matinee performance of The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman.  On Sunday, November 6 we’ll go to the Two Rivers Playhouse to see a spectacular one-woman play, No Child, by Nilaja Sun. (Upperclassmen might remember her work from a 2009 performance in our own Geiger Reeves theater!)  We’ll have student-priced tickets available for these plays and anyone is welcome to come along.