My Experience in Honors Art: Gabryella Pulsinelli '12

This morning, Gabby Pulsinelli '12 submits an entry on the challenges and highlights of Honors Art class. One of her works is shown below. 

Since I was a freshman, I have wanted to be in Honors Art with my own studio space and freedom to do and use whatever I want. I never thought I would be making a sculpture as my concentration for fall term since my comfort zone has always been digital media. This class has pushed me to my limits to expand my medium and to try new things. I speak for everyone in the class when I say we move at a very quick pace. One time we had only a hour to finish a project and given only string, paper, and scissors, no glue and no tape. Another part of the class is documenting all of our project using tumblr, which I was against at first but now have come to enjoy. It is a lot easier to share a video on the web than trying to play it from a DVD or a computer. I suggest you check out all the honors studio tumblrs they are all amazing!