Student musicians shine in Chapel

Today's post comes from Alan Michaels, director of instrumental music. The Peddie community was treated to an instrumental recital at Friday's chapel by three juniors and one sophomore. The campus was abuzz about the level of talent of these Peddie instrumentalists.

I approached these and other new students about the idea of playing for a chapel. Four students took me up on the offer, three of which, in addition to playing solo pieces, collaborated on a trio performance. The trio developed organically among the three students. They just met one another at the start of school and became musical friends. They approached me with the idea of performing the trio. I was curious at first and asked to hear a sample. Well, once I heard a rehearsal, I had a similar reaction to that of everyone in chapel when they heard it for the first time. I'm not surprised about the amount of feedback received from this mini-recital. If Peddie didn't know of these terrific student musicians before, they certainly do now. They are fantastic!

The video above features Ziwen J. `13, Yu S. '13 and Xiating C. '13 performing "Racing Horses," a Chinese Folk Song. For more videos, visit the Peddie Music Department page.