New telemetry system gives Peddie swimmers an edge

Today's entry was written by Sarah Lloyd '13. Sarah is a member of the Peddie Varsity Swim Team and has been swimming competitively since she was 8 years old. She currently swims distance freestyle and IM events for Peddie.

Yesterday, Peddie swimmers got to experience the newest technology available in the sport: a telemetry system by Avidasports. Wearing five sensors, one on each wrist, ankle, and one hidden in the swim cap with an earpiece attached, we were able to hear lap times, stroke counts, distance per stroke averages, and average stroke rates. Our coaches were also able to communicate directly with us through the computer system included, individually or to the team as a whole; all while swimming with our heads underwater. I was amazed at the technology available to us. I'm also very proud to be part of only the fourth program in the nation, the second high school program, to use such advanced technology. I'm sure that Avidasports will improve the team's performance.