JV Football from the inside out: Quarterback and wide receiver describe win over Blair

Christian Sparacio '14 was the quarterback during the JV football team's 12-6 win over Blair on Monday. His recollection of the game follows:

Playing in the first game of Blair week and kicking it off with a win was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only giving Peddie the lead but the experience of doing it with all of my teammates, working hard every snap to outplay the Bucs. Coming into the game we were the underdog, but we didn’t let up and with determination we proved we were the superior team. They couldn’t handle our overall intensity and thirst for victory. It was a great game by all, with a great score by Dom to tie the game up and great defensive stands that led us to the win. Having the final touchdown pass to Carson over multiple defenders was a phenomenal finish and I couldn’t ask for anything more enjoyable. It will definitely be a play to remember.

Carson Vay '15 caught the winning touchdown pass. Here is his report:

Beating Blair and getting the first point for the Potter Kelly Cup was not going to be easy. But I knew from the moment they casually walked onto the field that we could beat them. Both teams were held scoreless at halftime. Then something happened. More and more people gathered to watch the game. I could feel the energy of everyone there. It was like something was pushing us to win the game. And that’s exactly what we did. Being able to be a part of winning that first point for Peddie in my first Blair game was just an unbelievable experience. It is a way of being part of history for years to come. Everyone on the team contributed to the win and helped seal the victory for Peddie. I could not imagine my first Blair game and getting the first point being any better.

Photo of winning touchdown: Jim Inverso