Chemistry Town Meeting: Jason Park

Science teacher Jason Park and his colleague Chris Bright brought their freshmen chemistry classes together for a simulated Town Council Meeting, blending current events, public speaking, and (of course) chemistry.

On Tuesday during DMX period, four sections of the freshman science course, Chemistry in the Community, congregated in Annenberg Science Hall to participate in a simulated Town Council Meeting.   The 45 students from Mr. Bright's and my classes represented different special interest groups that discussed a fictitious scenario in which a massive Fish Kill had been discovered along a local river, raising concerns of water contamination and potability. 

The students were to use their knowledge of chemistry to research relevant data that might shed light on what contributed to the fish kill.   The special interest groups included agricultural cooperative representaitives, county sanitations commission members, mining company representatives, power company officials, the municipal Chamber of Commerce and the Taxpayer association.   Each group assigned different members to give presentations of opening arguments, cross examinations, a time of rebuttal and some concluding remarks.  

The students were spirited in expressing their points and generally did a splendid job making their cases.   One particular group of students were assigned the task of running the meeting as Town Council Members, who would later evaluate and judge the strengths of the various arguments.


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