Home Court Advantage

by Rahul Lakhanpal '12, a true-blue (& gold) Falcon fan

Today Peddie Basketball has its first home game. This Friday night, Peddie will play its first round game in the prestigious PSITs. The PSIT stands for the Peddie School Invitational Tournament, and is the largest basketball tournament held at Peddie. A large tournament at HOME means that our team gets the HOME COURT ADVANTAGE (Peddie plays at 7 pm, so no excuses). Yet the only way home court advantage works is if YOU go and watch the game, scream, and get in the opponents head! I was utterly disappointed at the Peddie vs. Blair football game when people in the bleachers (instead of cheering) were either gossiping or studying for their finals. CMON SON!!! This Friday I expect to see a bunch of peddie students getting loud for this basketball game. Trust me it is a lot of fun.

How influential can the crowd be? In the NFL playoffs last year, the Seattle Seahawks fans created an earthquake through their roar after Marshawn Lynch (Beastmode) pummeled through the Saints' defense. That is the kinda heart I want to see on Friday. Some stuff the fans (YOU) can expect are screams, chants, and even possibly a roller coaster. According to the statistics, the home team wins about 58-60% of the time. Let's do our job and help them win the game.