Of helium and happiness

Senior Harry Gensemer reflects on a Sunday well-spent. (excerpted from The Daily Dose)

...I know if somebody else wrote all about their inside jokes with other people, I’d exclaim “and I care WHY?!?!”, but I think every once in a while it’s important to take a look around at how interacting with other people affects and defines us.

As I was going around untying balloons yesterday (and getting ready to pop them to death) Gisela Jara brought a little girl over who wanted all the balloons tied to her wrist. I must’ve had six in my hand, so Gisela and I tied them to the little girl’s hand, and what a smile that kid had! It felt really good to make somebody as happy as my friends make me every day.

To make a long paraphrase of a beautifully normal day short, I’m really lucky to be interacting with all you Peddie people. In the dining hall, on Community Day, and even in the Laundry Room sorting through Liam Wall’s mountains of laundry. Thank you for being such incredible falcon cousins.