How to love?

Peddie School hosted its 15th Annual Community Day on Sunday -- over 350 student volunteers, along with parents, faculty and staff, hosted more than 450 children and their families from area schools and social service agencies. Here is Jingjing Xue's perspective:

I heard that there was  a Community Service Day last Sunday.  The faculty who told me about it all suggested I join it and wished me have fun.  Following their words  I had walked into the party. Yes, when I entering  the gym, I  considered it as a big party there.
I still don’t think I know about the Community Day very well. On my way entering this party, I chatted with a parent of Peddie School. She was very nice and told me the activity is for the kid who needs help. And this party was made by not only the school, but also the student’s families. Lots of students, their parents and faculty took apart in it. It is a way to help the unfortunate family. In my opinion it’s a good way to make kids know how to love.
I also met some of the faculty’s kids that day. I saw they also enjoyed the party very much, just like the kids from the family in need. Sometimes I even cannot differentiate between them without help. At that moment, it seemed like a big family. I felt it’s a great balance between working and family. Let your kids enjoy your work is also a great way to love them, to make them love you, I think.

早就听说上个周日有个社区服务日(Community Day)。所有曾经向我提起过这个服务日的老师都建议我去看一看,大家都说我一定会喜欢的。于是,我就去了这个“派对”。是的,我把这个服务日当成是派对了。因为当我进入学校的体育馆的时候,我真的觉得就像参加了一个隆重的派对。
虽然多多少少已经从别人那听过这个“社区服务日”,但我并不太了解它。我想我大概是那天出现在现场的最不了解状况的人了。在进活动区的路上,我有幸和一位志愿者家长交谈。她人很好,还向我介绍了这个活动的情况。这个活动是为了那些需要帮助的家庭的孩子举办的。整个活动由学校和家长两方共同承办。也就是说,这一天的志愿者中既有学生、家长,也有学校的教职 员工。我觉得这不失为一种教会孩子如何去爱的很好的方式。
在那天,我同样看到一些学校教师的孩子。他们和那些来自受助家庭的孩子一样,很享受这个盛大的派对。如果无人介绍,我甚至无法分清这些孩子。在那一刻, 我觉得这整个就像一个大家庭。带孩子来参加这样的活动,在我看来是工作与家庭的一种极佳的平衡方式。请让你的孩子了解、喜欢你的工作,因为我觉得这也是一种我们彼此相爱的方式。
Photos by Gabryella Pulsinelli '12


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