Into the Pit: Gabby Pulsinelli '12

Gabby Pulsinelli '12 gives us an inside peek at what goes on below the stage during musicals...

The past few weeks I have been spending my afternoon in Swig in the orchestra room learning this year’s musical, Into the Woods. It is fun learning music since Mr. Michaels likes to act out all the parts for us while we are playing. When we were playing Cinderella’s song, he was singing in a fake operatic voice that I could not help laughing and had to put down my clarinet. It is a lot of hard work learning all the music but in the end it is a extremely rewarding experience. Going from barely to play the music to tech week is an amazing transformation. The first week you look at the music and say to yourself “I will never be able to play this” and three months later your sitting in the pit playing it for over 500 people. This is my last year in pit and I am going to miss it next year. Well I better stop “prancing about the woods” and get back to my homework.