State of the Union bingo

Senior Timi Opeke, President of Peddie's student body, suffered a tough loss on Tuesday.

Obama's State of the Union was the first presidential address I've watched since coming back to the United States to attend Peddie in 2008. It was a powerful, heartfelt address that brought the Chamber to its feet many times, but because Obama failed to discuss topics like North Korea or the Keystone Pipeline I lost in an AP Government Bingo Challenge to the school Vice President James Lindberg (how ironic).

Ms. Hogarth organized this fun event in the Masland Room, which made our homework assignment of watching the State of the Union a fun and interactive assignment. I may not fully remember the contents of Obama's speech a few weeks from now, but I will always remember that North Korea lost me a prize of homemade cupcakes baked by Mrs. Hogarth.


  1. When did they put carpet in the great room?? And what happened to the flags?!

    1. The Masland Room was refurbished several years ago with new furnishings, carpeting, a big screen TV and new game tables.


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