The Trojan War revisited (with plastic swords and "Bohemian Rhapsody")

Reflections on this weekend's MUN trip from Jen Creel '12, a student leader at Peddie and one of last year's Best Delegate honorees.

This year at the Yale Model UN conference I opted to do another specialized committee, which are generally smaller and have a specific objective. My committee was called JCC: Trojan War committee for which I played the head of the Trojan military: Hector.

As I didn't have much background in Greek mythology, I had to thoroughly research for this committee both through books and online encyclopedias and watching Troy. We all knew the myths upon arrival, yet to avoid some of our less fortunate fates we strayed from the classic paths.

Although we stuck to our characters beliefs we approached the war differently, and by the end of the four-day conference had written a very different story than Homer (involving exploding wooden honey badgers, plastic sword duels, and song parody prayers to hits such as "Single Ladies" and "Bohemian Rhapsody").

Certainly not the conventional MUN committee, but the conflicts kept the committee on our toes (i.e. the midnight crisis lasting until 4 a.m. during which 9 heros were slain and working with the Acheans to save each other from cyclops) everyone remained passionately representative of their characters and kept cool heads during the crisis which truly made the committee incredible. I walked away with Honorable Mention (Place: 3rd- Honorable Mention 2nd-Outstanding delegate, 1st- Best delegate).

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