Who is Anonymous?

         I published my first blog on Peddie Voices the day before yesterday. It makes me nervous and excited. It is the first time I write blog in English. Then I saw a person with the name Anonymous left one comment below my blog. I was excited for the first comment. Then I tried to reply with the words like”Hi,Anonymous…… “  When I finished, I cannot publish at that time. So I decided to talk to Deanna Ferrante later to solve this problem.
         The next day we talked about the issue  and then  I understood how to publish my reply.  Then I went back to my office and practised. When I opened my blog,I found something. There are a lot of new Anonymous’s comments. I got confused,then I decided to look up the word “Anonymous”in the dictionary.
  At last I found the truth. Are you always be a Anonymous when you make comment online? By the way, we usually called them "Guest" in Chinese.

前天下午,我终于在“Peddie Voices”上发表了我的第一篇博客。我觉得有点紧张和激动,因为这是我第一次用英语来写博客。不一会儿,我看到有个叫“Anonymous”的人给我留了言,我为此感到激动。所以我很快就给他写了回复,我的回复开头是这么写的:你好,Anonymous……”.但是当我完成我的回复的时候,我发现我不会发表。我想还是等下请教一下Deanna Ferrante吧。


  1. you can usually choose if you want to show your name, or if you want to be anonymous if you are posting online. usually, people who don't want others to know who they are, either because they are shy or because they are posting a controversial opinion, will post as anonymous.

  2. I'm a nice guy, I swear!

    1. However I don'y who is the nice guy,MR/Ms Anonymous?:)

  3. Perhaps people prefer to choose a convenient and safe way to express themslves,I think.


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