Into the Woods: Perspectives

Photo courtesy of Jim Inverso
Gabby Pulsinelli '12, a member of the pit band for the last three years, reflects on her last Winter musical at Peddie.

 I can not begin to tell you how amazing the cast, crew, directors, stage mangers, orchestra, and every one else involved in Into the Wood is. Last night before opening night John Lucs wife baked us all cupcakes to get us pumped up. The energy behind stage was amazing and I am so proud of what we have put together. A week ago if you asked me how the show was going I would have looked at you as if you had three heads but we all pulled together and stepped up. The show is amazing and I am proud of what the company has been able to put together. Like any other team here at Peddie we bonded over the long tech, our absent Head's Holiday and Valentine's day to produce one of my favorite shows at Peddie. This is my last year in Pit Band and when the last midnight strikes it will be a sad moment for all the seniors in this production.

If you haven't seen it yet go, no matter how much homework or work you have it is worth it.

Photo courtesy of Jim Inverso
Becca Levy '12, had never participated in a Peddie production until Into the Woods.

 I've never ever been a part of a Peddie production, ever. It was such a fun experience! I went from not being cast, to being the "dramaturg" (look it up), to being the understudy for two different characters, to making the sound effects for the cow and the baby. Even though I wasn't really ever on the stage, it was so much fun to be involved in the process, and to watch my friends put together this unbelievable production. I will definitely try to do something like this in college!

Photo courtesy of Jim Inverso