My first experience of teaching at Peddie: Jingjing Xue

Being a temporary Peddie Teacher

        The same as Peddie students, the students of EFZ always work very hard.  At school, they need to spend a lot of time studying and attending a lot of activities. On weekends, most of them still chose to study to make them keep competitive.

        This week I had a chance to substitute for Teacher Gao to tutor three of his students who needed help in Chinese. All of them felt difficulty in studying Chinese. When I was teaching them, I found that they are actually very smart kids. Especially a girl name Phoebe, she asked me to help her review the lessons. When we are doing the reviewing,   I can just feel her making improvement. What a bright girl! Every time we repeat one word, she could improve her pronunciation immediately.  Good job, Phoebe!

         In EFZ, when a student comes to me for help, I will always reflect on my teaching. Is there anything I haven’t done enough for the student? What can I do to improve my job? I enjoyed talking to my students whenever I am busy or not. Sometimes we need to slow down to think. The most important thing for a teacher is still teaching, I think.

         Well, we have much bigger classes than Peddie .  Every class includes more than 40 students. So I think the kids in Peddie are lucky. The class is small,  your teacher can pay more attention to every one of you.