On the hook: Following through on a personal goal

Math teacher Mark Gartner '84 makes good on his goal - and the team cheers on the coach!


At the winter track pre-season meeting in November, I spoke to the kids about the importance of setting goals.  Even if you fall short of that goal, putting your goal in public for all to see can help inspire/motivate you to achieve it.  In that vein, I told the team my goal was to run a 400m in under 75 seconds by the end of the track season.  By telling the team, I was "on the hook," so I trained somewhat regularly throughout the winter season to prepare.  I guess it paid off.  Incidentally, the kids in the gym that day were great cheering me on!

For the record, Mark did more than acheive his goal, finishing in 71.1 seconds - Congratulations, Mark!