On whose shoulders we stand

Head of School John Green speaks to our students on the importance of Founders Day.

Thomas B. Peddie
For those who are new to Peddie, during Founders Day, the second of three official gatherings of our School community, we carve out time in the middle of our busiest days to honor our founders and others who preceded us here, and whose contributions made Peddie the school and community it is today.

It is our hope that you will graduate from Peddie with an acute sense of your school's history. Who have served as the pillars of our community? Who are the people, many of whom sat in your seats, who contributed their time, talents or treasure? Who are the people whose names adorn buildings or plaques that you pass by every day? What made them so special? On whose shoulders do we stand? You will find the inspiration, I hope, to write your own chapter in Peddie history.

Today we honor Mr. Raymon Oram, who served as a legendary science teacher and department chair for over twenty-five years as well as an assistant headmaster. F. Edward Potter, our second honoree, served as the head of school from 1977-1988 and it is after him that our Potter dormitories are named with respect and great affection.