Calligraphy and the stock market

Hanna Hauschild '13

The morning of March 6, 2012 we woke up at 6:30 to the sun rays penetrating our dorm room window, the first time in over a month here in Shanghai (上海) that it has not rained. At 7:25 the gang met at the first floor of the international building where we are currently residing, and then headed to a breakfast of dumplings and other Chinese breakfast creations including rice porridge which is just rice cooked and served with a lot of water. Breakfast beverages at EFZ are an interesting topic as many peers seem to enjoy Sprite as their drink of choice.

Following breakfast we headed to the art building at EFZ to go to a calligraphy class. During the class we learned how to paint different types of flowers and bamboo. In speaking for everybody I believe we all found it a challenge to use the right ink to water ratio on our brushes. Having successfully attempted to paint, we headed to the international building for a Chinese class. There we learned about the history of Chinese characters and their origin through the evolution of pictures. After about an hour of insightful history we headed to the cafeteria for another Chinese lunch.

After a lunch of a variety of vegetables and meat we headed to the stock market where we were able to see the room where people were managing their stocks. There were large line graphs posted on the walls and what was interesting was that the red stock numbers were good and the green ones were bad, the opposite of the United States. We later learned that this is because in China red is perceived as good luck. We then travelled to an animation center where we learned the history of animation in China as well as the world. During the visit we made clay figurines and watched a short cartoon called the three monks which was a cute film about three monks who ultimately find a way to live in harmony with each other. We then went to an artist’s house where he painted a beautiful landscape painting of a tree and mountains in the background. He taught us the importance of the red seals in the artwork and the overall balance of the piece as well.

Following this interesting day, we went out for a great dinner at a Chinese restaurant with the artist. Tired and with laundry waiting to be done in our dorm rooms (because there are no parents to do it for us!) we headed back to the international building of EFZ and hit the hay. Ultimately the day turned out to be another great adventure in Shanghai despite the cold weather and our group did so many unique and interesting activities that few people are able to do.


  1. Welcome to the Far East trading. In places like China, you need to learn HAN or Mandarin to recognize stock values.


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