Reflections on Orphanage Outreach in the Dominican Republic

Jocelyn Ng '14

Absolutely life-changing are the two words I would use to describe my experience in the Dominican Republic. The weather was perfect; the people there are the friendliest I have ever encountered in my whole life. The food was amazing; the kids we taught were bouncing off their chairs with excitement, the teachers were so dedicated: there really wasn’t more we could ask for.

It was an experience where we discovered things about ourselves that we wouldn’t have at home. We became a family, sharing wonderful times together, whether it was on the beach, on the pier, in the playground or in the hotel. We developed connections with the kids and teachers at the school, with the workers at the hotel, with the Christ School volunteers and most of all, with each other. 

Every evening came this beautiful sunset.  

Two very cute and enthusiastic kids on the floor!

Jackie, Devin, Morgan and Ms. Crider with their kids in the school playground.

He is one of the smartest kids in his class.  

 She is one of the sixth grade teachers (my favourite, personally). She is very dedicated and loves her students. On the last day of us teaching, she gave me her address and phone number so we could keep in contact!