Spring Break with Mr. Watkins?

From the desk of Mr. Dubrule, Annenberg Library director:

Wouldn't it be great to spend your spring break with Mr. Watkins? You'd come back from break knowing everything about the two World Wars, pirates, writing, working on a fishing boat, how to dress sharply, and you may even pick up a litte bit of an accent! Unfortunately, Mr. Watkins is headed up north to be with nature, and bears. But you can have the next best thing: one of his books! The library has all of his books, including his latest, Archive 17, written under the penname Sam Eastland. This is Mr. Watkins' third installment in the Pekkala series and it is outstanding! You wlll not be able to put it down! Just released this week, the library already has a few copies in print plus on the Kindle [and there are a few Kindles still available for the break]. So stop by the library before you leave for break and pick up one of Mr. Watkins' books.