Tai Chi, Old City and a nighttime cruise on the Huangpu river

Meghan Norton '12

My day in Shanghai today began with a 6:30am run through the cold and wet EFZ campus with my roommate, Emily, and then a huge breakfast with lots of meat dumplings!  Our first class today was tai chi, which was relaxing but difficult, and then we sat in on physics and chemistry classes.

Instead of eating lunch in the EFZ cafeteria, we were pleasantly surprised with a trip for an off-campus lunch.  We were given some free time and were able to eat wherever we wanted, so we changed things up a bit and chose Subway!  It was the first American food I've eaten since I've been here, so it was pretty strange.

We also had a really exciting second half of the day.  In addition to touring a beautiful 1920's upper-class Shanghai house that has been standing for almost 100 years, we also walked through the beautiful Yuyuan Garden and shopped in the very famous Old City of Shanghai.  My bargaining skills in Chinese proved to be quite successful, and I enjoyed eating a delicious strawberry kabob coated in sugar that I bought on the street. 

Today was one of the most exciting days we have had here in Shanghai so far, and it was topped off with an amazing nighttime cruise on the Huangpu River, which divides Pudong (浦东) to the east and Puxi (浦西) to the west.  Although it was chilly, we spent the majority of the ride on the top, outdoor level of the boat to take pictures and enjoy the breathtaking views of the beautiful city at night.  Shanghai is definitely one of the most exciting and intriguing cities that I have ever seen.