The third-tallest building in the world

Juan Best '15

Today we had a three hour flight to start off the day, taking off at about 11:30.  After we landed we had a little bit of downtime to relax, which me and a few others took to engage in a friendly game of basketball with some of the EFZ students. We then had to be dressed up ready to go to a dinner with Mr. Green and some other Peddie alumnus and parents.  We went to a nice restaurant and had real authentic Chinese food.  Being able to see familiar faces like Mr. Green’s was very exciting, and made me feel like I was back at Peddie.  We then separated into two groups, with my group going to the top of the third tallest building in the world, and the other group going sightseeing in a different part of Shanghai.  While in the building, visitors can go all the way to the 100th floor to an observatory where the floor is glass.  The building stands right next to the second and the third tallest buildings in all of China, and they are building an even larger building right next to it!