I Have No Choice

I have no choice

I have been at  Peddie for  more than two months. Time passed so fast. I thought I got accustomed with the life here. Though I missed my family, but nowadays we have internet and telephone to talk and see each other.

People always show their kindness to the person who left home. They will try their best to help her because she must miss of her home dishes.

They were very kind to take me to Chinatown, we ate Chinese food and celebrated Chinese New Year there. I never missed Chinese food before this meal. When I came back, I made a bowl of frozen wonton for myself that night.

One  Sunday, the language department needed prepare for the International Food Fair.  Some of the faculty took the students to Asian food supermarket. They were very kind to take me with them. It is my first time  there; quite different from Target and Shoprite. It is smaller and narrower. The products there seemed old, some of them even covered with dust. Like a supermarket in countryside China from past, I think. It’s neither  modern nor trendy. But at the end, I spent a lot of money there.  Actually, I didn’t eat the food I bought when I was in Shanghai frequently.  And they are expensive here too.

 But I have no choice. I missed the shepherd's purse wontons, I missed the yellow croaker noodles, I missed YuXin restaurant, all these names just jumped into my head at that moment, so I have no choice.