NYC art trip!

This week, the art department took about 125 students into New York City on the tri-annual arts trip. Depending on the class they are currently taking, students visited the Metropolitain Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the International Center of Photography, the New Museum, and/or the Chelsea galleries. Below are posts from a few of the attendees.

Tom Duvall '12: One of the pieces that I particularly enjoyed was a photograph by Greg Girard of a Sailor from the Navy using an ATM, with an Aircraft Carrier in the background.

© Greg Girard/Courtesy of the artist
I like this piece, because it showed the struggle between balancing civilian life, and military life. I will be attending the Naval Academy this summer, and I realize that the balance between both lives is something that I will have to maintain also.

Danielle Derchin '12: The art trips are always adventurous. As an AP Art History student, being able to see the famous works we are studying in class, really adds another level to our understanding and appreciation of each piece. The Chelsea Galleries also provide an interesting experience to view up-and-coming artists who add their own unique views to the art world.
Mary Boone gallery, Chelsea art district

Abigail Burlington '14: Yifei Wu and I made new friends at the Museum of Modern Art!

Justin Ryu '14: I traveled to Chelsea, New York along with my digital video classmates.

We were given the assignment to ask people walking along the High Line an open-ended question and record their responses with our camera. my partner Jazmine and my question was "what would you eat as your last meal before you die?" and we got a variety of answers ranging from:
Indian food buffet... mother's spaghetti!

I was a little nervous, but there were surprisingly many nice people willing to answer our questions, and I had a lot of fun.

Evangeline Clausell '15: From the minute we got there I knew I'd enjoy the Museum!

 I learned A LOT about certain artists and structures.  But I also learned that...getting lost isn't as bad as it seems:)


  1. Love this! check out for weekly video and a bunch more about the arts organizations you visited on your trip.


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