The Peddie Outing Club returns! By Christian Sparacio '14

The Peddie Outing Club, a long-standing club at Peddie, has been reinvigorated this year with a renewed focus on enjoying the outdoors and exposing students to the elements! Wait, maybe I said that wrong... 

The Peddie Outing Club went on its first hiking overnight in several years this past long weekend to Catskill, NY. I took part in this wonderful event and was honored to have it be my first ever experience sleeping in a tent. Mr. Panasiti and Ms. Kittle were excellent guides and took great care of us on the trip. After the first night however, we were hit hard with rain and lightning, forcing us to cut our camping excursion short. Although our hiking was over, thanks to Mr. Harris our fun did not end there. He offered up his awesome lake front house for us to stay in and we had a blast. Even though the rain was tough and our camping ended early, I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people to spend my first ever camping trip with.

Below is a video shot on the first night of the trip by Spanish teacher and Outing Club advisor Diego Panasiti, titled "Bear Grylls, Jr."



  1. A little info- our first night we camped on Kerr Field, checking out the gear and prepping for our early (6am) start to the Catskills. On Saturday, after arriving, we ascending Hunter Mountain, and climbed up the Fire Tower to check out the view. What an accomplishment! 1500 ft in about a mile at the beginning of that hike! The rain hit us pretty hard, so, after a delicious meal of fajitas(thanks to Mr. Panasiti, Jake Calvitti and Luiz Berrizbeitia), we hunkered down to wait it out.
    Our big adventure to Yosemite is coming soon, with a few day hikes and possibly another one night backpack in the future. Check out our facebook page, and come join us!


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