Heads Day 2012

Josie Anker '15 celebrated her first Heads Day competition last week.

My first Heads Day was lots of fun.  I enjoyed watching all the events on center campus with my friends. Everyone was so spirited and having a good time. I participated in the game Big Booty and happened to win, go team Potter!

Austin Cabot '12 reflects on his last Heads Day

Battle of the Heads is just an amazing day for the community. It is so much fun and it doesn’t matter what grade you’re in, everyone gets a chance to participate in some way. The spirit and energy is always there, no matter what the weather is like it is always a day of great competitions. Although it is a competition everyone is really just having a great time. Win or lose the day is awesome. Being my final year at Peddie, this day was special. I just wanted to go out and have a great time with my friends from all the different teams, compete and when it wasn’t my event cheer on everyone else.