Ice House!

Harry Gensemer '12 and Math teacher Mark Sawula share their thanks for the success of this year's Ice House.

If you were at all involved in pulling off the ice house this year (moving stuff, donating, performing, audiencing, chaperoning, anything at all) I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's really awesome to see how flexible and supportive a community Peddie can be.

Those who attended and audienced and performed and made the room and event a living thing are people who I am more than lucky to know and live here with. You all made Ice House a reality, so thank you in every way.

As a community, we raised 600 dollars for Make Some Noise, a charity that funds pediatric cancer research.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
We are capable of things as a community and it feels freaking awesome to know that. Y'all are the best.


The actual donation total was $758.90, helped by a generous parent who contributed a few big bills (I don't know who the parent was, but if it's your parent, please pass on a big "THANKS!" from all of us).  And of course, a big THANKS to everyone.  Even the little stuff counted...all of those $1 bills and coins added up to $108.90.

So far, "Make Some Noise," the foundation started by Malcolm Sutherland-Foggio (younger brother of Harry, Peddie class of  '11) has raised over $900,000 for children's cancer research.  Roughly $10,000 of that has come from Peddie and Peddie Aquatics (which amazingly raised over $8,000!!!).  The reason I know this is because Malcolm's mom, Julie Sutherland (a Peddie alumna herself), was really happy about how our community came through like this.

Way to go, Peddie!
Mr. Sawula