Reports from near and far...

We asked for summer news from our students and faculty. Following are some of the responses we received. Feel free to send us your update too! Email with your story/photos/videos.

From Vanessa Gao '13, who is spending this portion of her summer in Providence, RI:

I'm into the fourth week of my EXP working in a neuropsychology lab at Brown, and everything has been great! Aside from the lab work, I've been all over Providence. It's such a nice city. Seems like Peddie is taking over Brown--Yifei and Jocelyn and Will are all taking summer courses on campus; we're meeting up tomorrow. Yifei, Jocelyn and I went out to see Waterfire last Saturday. It's a celebration in which performers set the river on fire, and there is romantic music and fire dance. It was really cool. I know Hana-May is doing an art program at RISD, so she's in town too. I never thought so many of us would be in one place for the summer!

I work in the lab during the day and write by night. I'm working on finishing my eighth novel! It's called Thaw, and it's coming out really well. I'm about 1/3 into the fourth draft and I now have 20+ readers from England, Israel, Lithuania, Korea, China and all over America. I also have two professional editors who are giving me line edits; I'm so so excited for it to get done. When it's edited, I will start querying agents and seeking publication. *excitement* Here's the website for my writing:

The Harrison/Dwyer family is spending July in Paris with family and friends. Here's the report from Charlie (age 7):

Our first day in Paris we went to park on the Rue Cardinet  named after MLK. I liked the park because there was a lounge chair built into the play ground.

Follow Charlie on her blog:

From Mike Volkmar on Summer Strength camp:

We're sprinting towards the end of our second week here in the Fitness Center.  Peddie student athletes, alumni, and local high school and college athletes are getting stronger and faster in preparation for the fall season.  We even have a few incoming 9th graders getting a head start on their Peddie careers! 

We have more flexibility during the summer so don't be surprised if you stop in and see kids warming up on the turf barefoot, hear country music blasting from the stereo or happen upon sleeveless-shirt Fridays!

You can join the summer program at any time.  Friend Peddie Strength on Facebook to see all the videos from the summer program, and to tap into the articles and tips I post on healthy living and sports performance.

From Teddy Park '13, in Washington, D.C.:

I'm interning at the U.S. Department of Agriculture with scientists who are researching how diet affects cancer cells.

I'm also filming a documentary about the homeless in Washington, DC, as part of my Summer Signature project.

From Coaches Rulewich and Crider, on the last day of Peddie Basketball Camp:

Here's a snippet of a dribble tag game including the girls' futile attempt at hiding out in the corner.  The boys weren't going to have any of that; squeals/screams ensued!  


From Cindy Gao '13, in Bangladesh:

I am currently in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to intern at the Grameen Bank, where micro finance was first developed.

From Coach D:

I am doing two different things during the summer.  The first was coaching in the Sunshine Classic.  This is an All Star Football game whose sole purpose is to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation (read more  Jimmy Lindberg and Albert Coleman were the two players representing Peddie on the East Squad, and represented Peddie very well in last night's ball game at TCNJ! 

Next, I will be hitting the road on the motorcycle with a couple of old friends for 11 days.  The first leg is a short jaunt over to the Hill School.  I'll stay at my daughter's (Julie '05) place and meet one of my partners there.  We then head out through PA and west, taking a stop around Toledo, OH.  After that it is all the way up into Michigan and Canada.  I will try to send some pictures!