Summer vacation? Touring the country, grading AP Stat and Forza Azzuri!

This just in from Dr. Caglieris, who has kicked off his summer with a big trip - to hang out with other AP Stat teachers, of course!

After an overnight stay in Austin, embarked on a road trip through Dallas, overnight stay in Norman, Oklahoma, through Wichita, Kansas, and arriving last night in Kansas City, Missouri where together with 500+ other AP Statistics instructors (including Mrs. Lewis), we will begin the process of grading 150,000 AP Statistics exams.  Following the opening games of the European Soccer Championship before the grading begins.  Second leg of road trip, back to Hightstown on June 17th.  Hopefully, Italy will still be in contention by then.  Past soccer scandals have been associated with strong performances (1982, 2006).