Chinese Language Summer Institute Preview

Today we received our first communication from faculty member Yiqun (Beverly) Jiang at the Chinese Language Summer Institute at EFZ, Shanghai. More to come from Jiang Laoshi and our students as they embark on this great adventure!

This summer marks the second year of Peddie's Chinese Language Summer Institute at EFZ, our sister school in Shanghai (clsi@efz). Prior to our students' departure on July 7th, I landed in Shanghai on June 29th. I have been in touch with our sister school for home visits, school facility inspection and program planning to prepare for our students' arrival.

The four participating students are two Chinese 4 honors students, Julia Cunningham '13, who has been taking Chinese from me for the past 3 years, Zoe Gilbard '14, and two Chinese 3 students, Dylan Nir ' 13 and Philip Leblebicioglu '14, who have been taking Chinese from me for the past 2 years. The program is based on a total immersion model with morning intensive language classes and afternoon culture activities all in the target language led by two experienced EFZ teachers. Students will stay with host families on weekends and are expected to use the target language throughout the program. Stay tuned for more exciting news from our students next week!