CSLI@EFZ at the halfway mark

Philip Leblebicioglu '14 is taking part in the Chinese Summer Language Institute (CSLI@EFZ) at Peddie's sister school, EFZ in Shanghai, China.

The Chinese symbol for "half"
 I am now half way through my month in Shanghai. I have to say, my perception of this city has dramatically changed since my last entry.  Back in the states, when I thought of Shanghai, I thought of the TV tower, and an ultra modern city that never slept. Although that may all be true, it’s a little like saying New York City is just Manhattan. In order for anyone to get a real taste of what Shanghai is about, you have to go to the streets.  Going out and seeing the markets and street vendors was great. I especially like negotiating at the underground markets, seeing the traditional Chinese nick-knacks that tourists can buy. As I expected, the food in Shanghai is truly unbelievable. Every meal seems to have at least one thing I love, if not more.  I will say that it did take me the whole week to grow accustomed to the Chinese’s appetite for sweets in the morning.

We have just concluded the Shanghai Science and technology Expo, and with my idea taking 3rd place in  “Most Popular in Show” I am very happy. Got to meet some great people from around the world, including Germany, Singapore, and Australia. Now at the halfway mark, I am eager to see what lies on the second half of my trip to Shanghai.