Getting schooled in ping pong: Dylan Nir '13

Dylan Nir '13 is taking part in the Chinese Summer Language Institute (CSLI@EFZ) at Peddie's sister school, EFZ in Shanghai, China.

Today we returned to EFZ from our first home stay weekend. I had a fantastic time eating lots of food and exploring my partner's neighborhood. The weekend began with dinner at a Korean restaurant with some incredible, freshly grilled meats and spicy vegetables. I personally ate half a plate of beef and the majority of a spicy cucumber dish. The next day I got some fantastic, authentic home cooking. We had some beef dumplings filled with soup and a chicken and broccoli dish that I don't think I will ever forget.

I also went to a Chinese ping pong training school, where children from all around the country come to begin training at the age of 2. An 8 year old put me to shame when I tried playing him, and even after a 2 hour lesson from their top coach I still could not compare to these young kids (one kid I was talking to said he has been going to the school for 11 years!). I also experienced the epitome of hospitality, as my family tended to my every need and refused any attempts I made at helping to clean up or help. I had a wonderful experience with my homestay and I cannot wait to return to their family!