"The RIDE" by Frank deLaurentis

Frank deLaurentis is a math teacher and the head varsity football coach at Peddie. After coaching the Sunshine Classic football game, he hit the road on his motorcycle for an 11-day road trip.

I left Hightstown on Friday, June 29th, and headed to Pottstown, Pa.  My wife Betty and I visited with our daughter Julie <Peddie Class of 2005> for the weekend.  It was great seeing her and some other Hill School friends.  On Sunday at 9 am, I departed Pottstown with old friend Burt Merriam.  He is the director for the Center for the Arts at Hill.  We put in about 9 hours on the road and were stalled outside of Cleveland due to a severe storm cell.  We were able to avoid the storm, finding a rest stop on I 80, and watched it roll on through.  The country through PA was gorgeous!

Day two took us up through Michigan.  If you look at the back of your left hand, we went to the tip of your pinky finger, Glen Arbor.  There we picked up our third member of out "gang", Matt Ralston.  He is the president of The Leelanau School.  We were treated to two days of outstanding hospitality and unbelievable natural beauty.  The school is located on Lake Michigan.  The entire ride up there was beautiful, but Glen Arbor and the country around it are pristine!  Deer were seen on the campus.  Matt's deck overlooks a stream.  From there we watched red and black squirrels, hummingbirds, woodpeckers and a king fisher!  As we road around the area, several bald eagles were observed flying overhead!  On the fourth, we went into town for the parade.  The student body president and VP rode on a canoe built by students of the school.  For a small town, it was one of the longest parades I have seen. 

On July 5th, the three of us got on our big two-wheelers and headed east around the Traverse Bay and then north to Canada.  We crossed the Mackinaw Bridge (the tip of your middle finger of your left hand), drove to Sault Ste Marie, and stayed on the US side.  This is the connecting point for the long ships (tankers and cargo) between Lake Superior and Lake Huron.  In fact, that night around 8pm, a cargo ship came through the locks from Lake Huron to  Lake Superior.  AMAZING!

July 6th found us in Canada.  We traveled north along Lake Superior.  The landscape was absolutely breathtaking!  Finally, we headed east when we hit the small town of Wawa.  On Canadien route 101 it was clear sailing though nothing but forest.  We visited the town of Chapleau and then took a southern turn and headed down towards Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay.  We'll take a ferry across the western side of the bay.

We made it to South Baymouth today.  All set for the ferry tomorrow;  Lake Huron to our west and the Georgian Bay to our east.  Again, phenomenal scenery!

I'll be in touch.  Pictures will be coming later.