Chinese friends & spicy Korean food

Dylan Nir '13 is taking part in the Chinese Summer Language Institute (CSLI@EFZ) at Peddie's sister school, EFZ in Shanghai, China.


This weekend we returned to our Chinese friends’ houses. Sun Junqing and I ate good Korean food and went shopping. Although I really liked the Korean food (all you can eat meat!) I most liked my partner’s mom’s hot pot! We ate Sichuan soup with beef, lamb, and dumplings. I felt that this meal was especially good, so they gave me to bags of Sichaun soup mix so that my family can eat it, too! I know my Dad and older brother also enjoy eating spicy food, so I can’t wait to give it to them!

I also was able to continue doing my survey, and many people responded! My host family helped a lot, because they introduced me to many of their friends, and those friends were in the right demographic for my study.

I will miss my new Chinese friends, but I am very excited for our big dinner with all of the other Peddie students and their host families!