Our newest alumni check in

We've been hearing from the Class of 2012 via social media, letting us know that they are on their way to new adventures in college. Here are just a few posts -- feel free to add your thoughts in the comments!

Gabryella Pulsinelli '12 via email
I just moved into University of Rochester and it took me back to the first day I moved into Peddie. Even though my first day on campus it was raining and I was sick I had a feeling of excitement. That same feeling came over me today when I moved in to my new dorm and it bought back all the memories from my first day at Peddie. Even though I am at a new school Peddie still remains in my heart. It helps that Rochester's colors are blue and gold as well. Ala Viva and Meliora (ever better)

Marissa Silvi '12 via Twitter
I'll probably be the first one to say that I kind of miss @PeddieSchool #college

Ashley Fernandez '12 via Twitter
Wearing my senior shirt from Peddie cause I miss it #dontjudgeme #Classof2012