Summer Sig: focus on yoga, religion and feminism

Isabella Masucci '13 chose to travel to India for her Summer Signature project.
My friend Sam and I suffered through our junior year at the Peddie School and together came up with idea to travel to India for our Summer Signature Experience. A program where students pick an area which they want to study and plan a trip that focuses on that area. I want to do a study on the culture of India, specifically yoga, feminism, and gender issues in India culture. While Sam wanted to focus on the religions of India and women empowerment.

So around six months ago – we started sketching the outline for our trip. Ignorant of the chaos that is supposed to be India, we initially wanted to travel alone. Although we realize how ludicrous that sounds now – we jumped into the idea of traveling fearlessly. Instead of telling us we were crazy (which is what we were!) the head of the Summer Sig program simply encouraged us to develop more plans.

And so we did. Together, we developed two, three, four, different itineraries.  And after a crazy plan to travel alone from Delhi to the Himalayas, we finally decided to go a different course. To find a program that hit all the points that we wanted.

And that’s where SAGE came in. Peddie, our school, has a sister school in Delhi called the Modern School. Whenever our school takes kids to India, they use SAGE as a tour guide. Mr. Brad Nicholson, a history teacher I consider a leading pioneer in taking teenagers to India, strongly recommended SAGE as a trusted, reliable and educational program.

With the program actually having a focus on yoga, religion, and feminist issues – it was a perfect fit. After applying, and working with the lovely and accommodating Ruth, we decided on the Goa service trip.