A global voice for children

Senior Pankhuri Jha shares the story of her magazine, Baal Chaupaal, which sprung from her volunteer experience in a homeless shelter in New Delhi.
The whole idea of my magazine Baal Chaupaal started after I volunteered for three weeks at a homeless shelter in New Delhi, India in the summer of 2010. I taught the kids Math and English, had a great experience, and wanted to do something different and more concrete not only for for these children of the shelter, but also all children worldwide.

I communicated with, and received mentoring from some of the key members of an Indian-based non-profit organization called Ark Foundation ( Dr. Shaheen Ansari). It was Dr. Ansari who mentored and directed me, and I went from there. Baal Chaupaal was created to provide a forum where children from all over the world, living in all different environments, can exchange ideas and feelings through writing and art. To make a long story short, we worked together, and just published two issues (April 2012, July 2012) of a new, unique, global, children’s magazine Baal Chaupaal.

The word ‘Baal’ means child. ‘Chaupaal’, on the other hand is a place of secular nature that guarantees freedom of speech and expression to everybody present there.

The magazine is published in New Delhi, India and is being distributed in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and NZ. We truly want the magazine to become global, but I guess that will take some time!

We plan to bring out four issues per year, and welcome contributions of many sorts: stories, poems, reflections, paintings or any other original work. Please email me if you are interested!