Last post until NZ: Science Teacher Chris Bright heads to World Triathlon Championships

Peddie School science teacher Chris Bright has qualified and is in the midst of training for the 2012 Triathlon World Championships this month in Auckland, New Zealand. He has been blogging about his training experiences at Chasing the Haka. Below follows his post from October 14. 

An earlier post makes mention of 'The Big Race in the Sky.' That is, a performance that is memorable and a source of personal pride. We strive for the perfect race, sometimes we get close, other times we take steps back. But when the variables align and we are immersed in the moment, the body and mind are ready and responding, we nail down the perfect race on the day it matters the most.

Where that puts the competitor in terms of place or time is not as important, in my mind, as the process that was required to get the athlete to the start line.

Above and beyond racing well, my goals include enjoying the moments leading up to and after the race with my family. I remain thankful for the opportunity to take time away from teaching to race and travel; I am lucky.

From a practical standpoint, my goal is to compete with the US guys. I qualified towards the bottom of my age group at Nationals, so to move up relative to these guys would be a huge bonus. Overall, I am confident my swim and run have improved over the course of the spring and summer. My bike I am less sure of, though I am confident there has been some improvement here as well. I am faster now than I have been in years, but then again, everyone else is as well.

Many have asked about time, and what time do I hope to get. This is tough to pin down, as conditions vary wildly from course to course. Transitions areas can involve lots or a little running. Courses are hilly or flat. My time over the same distance at Nationals was 1 hour 14 minutes and change, so anything around that is realistic.

To the best of my knowledge, will be carrying live updates throughout the race weekend (Saturday the 20th - Sunday the 22nd in Auckland, which is Friday - Sunday here on the east coast). I am not sure just how many of the races over the course of the weekend will have live coverage. Check the website a little before 2.00P on Sunday afternoon, if I've got my times right, my race will be starting around then. I compete in the 45-49 age group, and us old guys usually go towards the end. :-)

That's it, last post until NZ. If wifi plays nice over there on the NZ interwebs, I'll be posting regularly, more sparsely if not.

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