Long weekend camping!

Pre-hurricane Sandy, a group of Peddie international students traveled to Princeton-Blairstown Center for a weekend of camping. Following are a few reflections from participants.

Melissa Yau '14
Over the long weekend, the international students went to the Princeton-Blairstown Center for a camping trip. We played outdoor activities like rope-climbing and canoeing, which were physically challenging for some of us. At night we had campfires and smores . One thing I enjoyed was the Restoration- the practice in which we have to clean up after ourselves; it gave us the opportunity to be responsible. I got to know a lot of people over the trip and we bonded well.

Zilin (Kevin) Zhou '15
It feels fantastic to think about how this trip brings together students from different parts of the world. In the three days, we went hiking, watched scary movies, went canoeing, and did some homework. The most impressive part was the talk around the camp fire, and it moved me deeply when I heard people talking about the happiness and difficulties after coming to Peddie. The encouragement from friends and faculty helped us a lot!

Changyun (Steve) Lee '15
I had so much fun wandering around the forest :D
I really liked the food
I also learned how to cooperate with my group, btw I love my group!
I was also stunned by the night vision experiment. We had to be in the total darkness in the middle of the forest and after about 15 minutes of adapting our eyes to the dark, we had to crack a candy with our mouth dry. We could see the spark as we cracked it. It was amazing, and I learned that we could only observe the spark only with our night vision.