Happy Holidays from Masters South - by Megan Washburn

Science teacher and Masters South supervisor Megan Washburn brings us a story of holiday cheer in the dormitory...

Over the past week, the girls of Masters South spent lots of time and energy decorating their doors for the holidays.  The climax was tonight when the doors were judged by Mr. Roach and Mr. Washburn.  Both judges were thoroughly impressed and deciding on the winners was not an easy task!  While the judges were making their decision, the girls enjoyed an animated reading of The Night Before Christmas, lead by Ms. Green, complete with hot chocolate and holiday candy.

After much debate, the judges reached the following decision:

3rd place: 
Juliet and Maggie with the fireplace scene

Tie for 2nd place: 
Cassie and Grace with the present door (including a fabulous rendition of the Holiday Ala Viva) and Rushea and Ayami with the Santa Claus door

1st Place:
Nicole and Stella with the holiday night scene.  The amazing detail and phenomenal lighting job made their door stand out among the rest.

Below is Cassie's Holiday Ala Viva.  Enjoy!

Ala Viva Ala Viva Ala Viva Viva Vo
Come Christmas, Come Hanukkah
Come Every Holiday in This Town!
Who Can Keep Cassie and Grace's
Holiday Spirit Down?
Nobody, Nobody yet hey!
Nobody, Nobody yet hey!
Before it's Christmas we're up
And Afterwards we're down.
We'll Decorate the Tree
And Bake up Some Sweets.
Our Holiday Spirit can't Be Beat!!