Voices from Peddie's past: Winter Term Blues are timeless

Today’s entry comes from students of Peddie's past. The following article appeared in the January 29, 1938, issue of The Peddie News. We think, although this was written 75 years ago this week, the sentiment still rings true.  An historical note: Although Peddie started as a coeducational institution, Peddie was boys only from 1908 until 1970, thus the reference to “boys” in the article. Peddie will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2013-14.

The Student’s Attitude

It is always the attitude of a student body in any school to complain about everything during the winter term. No matter what little grievance arises, a student who is rather disgusted with the bad weather or with a cold is likely to make a big scene about this grievance and is likely to cause a great deal of unnecessary talk.

Most of the students who are continually making things hard for themselves do not realize that every student, every member of the faculty, and every member of the administration is having an equally difficult, if not more difficult, time trying to do some serious work. Of course, it’s hard to get down to studying when it’s either raining or snowing or when some other condition is not just right. But that is the test that every member of the Peddie School must endure. In fact, the faculty is able to see the true qualities of a boy during the long, hard winter term.

It is quite evident that the same conditions will face every boy when he gets out into the world. It is certainly sure that the conditions of bad weather and colds, etc., don’t appear in preparatory school training only. If any boy is suffering from that indefinable lack of wanting to work he should realize that it is the best time right now to overcome that feeling by applying himself just a little harder.