An Ocean of Color (Zoe Gilbard)

A splash of color... that's the way I would describe most every place I've been in the world: a little bit of red on the streets in China, hints of green on the awnings of Dublin, and blue in the skies around my home in New Jersey. India? It's a different story. It's an ocean of color, a sea of shades of the brightest pinks and yellows, life in high definition, the most intricate patterns- that is India! In six days here, the Peddie group has visited temples and schools, corporations and small businesses, and I feel as though I have gained an impression of this country that is full of color, spice, wonder, and heat.

Entering a new culture- trying their foods, their customs, their way of life- can be an incredibly daunting and even stressful. Because I am in the company of such introspective Peddie students, I feel as though our reflections on our experiences have been particularly enlightening. Our collective 'oohs' and 'ahhs' at the beauty of our surroundings or the comments that are made about the sounds and smells are incredibly rewarding to hear. I am excited to see what the next days will bring in terms of experience and interaction!