India Trip Photos (Jannely Almonte)

Hana May Eadeh '13 and Simi Olagundoye touch a silk worm cocoon outside of a major silk worm market on our way to Mysore
Xi Xi '13, Jay Tipre'14, and Emily Herman '13 look at the camera right before a presentation by Marlabs Information Processing in which we learned about the direct link between Outsourcing and Globalization, and the possible implications for the students' futures.
Rebecca Cibbarelli '15 enjoys the Mysore Zoo and takes a picture of a White Peafowl.

Students pose on top of Chamundi Hill in Mysore.

Peddie traveled 9 hours to change States from Karnataka to Kerala, and from the cities of Banagalore to Thrissur.

Morning view from our hotel in Thrissur. You can almost feel the tropical weather from this picture!