Bike Boogie? Mother's Day? Or...both!

English teacher Pat Clements (also Summer Signature Director, Sophomore Bike Trip Master, Guitarmy Guru, and generally King of Peddie Enthusiasm) often invites the community to ride with him on one of his famous bike boogies. The conundrum this Sunday: it also happens to be Mother's Day...

Dear Peddie:
We'll have a Bike Boogie!! Sunday, probably heading to Englishtown (where there's food!!). This will be a 20+ mile round trip, and thus qualify SOPHOMORES! for their bike trip shakedown requirement (and to score a jersey!).

In order to help accommodate as many Mothers' Day plans as possible, we'll leave early 9:00 and return earlyish. Grab something to eat before we leave (I'll have some bagels and bananas for blood sugar back-up.)
Interested? Reply.

Oh, and if you haven't recently, call home. Talk to your Mom. Do something nice for her. Maybe even before Sunday ... (ah, good move, kid)

Finally, if your decision on the day is "either/or." / that is, I can do something swell for Mother's Day or I can go on the Bike Boogie, Mom wins. Got it? .