End of year togetherness

My name is Moira and I am in my fourth year at Peddie as a part of the class of 2014. I am a day student and I make the short commute to Peddie from East Windsor everyday. Some of my favorite activities I am a part of at Peddie are the girls’ varsity soccer team, the track team, and the French club.

After attending Peddie for four years, I have grown accustomed to the routine here, but my favorite part of the year continues to be fresh and enjoyable each time it rolls around; the last month of school. This time has an abundance of activities such as Battle of the Heads day, Moving Up Chapel followed by the senior car parade, dorm softball, the volleyball and ultimate frisbee games on center campus and graduation (typically the senior prank as well). These activities bring out the appreciation for our school from every student.

I personally bond with many of my classmates I might not normally talk to because of the pride of heads’ day and the feeling of end of the year togetherness. Everyone finds the need to bond with their dear seniors during the spring to make those last few memories and graduation is as much a celebration as it is in a remembrance of everyone graduating. Teachers also get involved with as many of these activities as they can creating a deeper connection with their students or athletes than they would have had just sitting in the classroom. The spring never fails to put students in a good mood to enjoy their last few days of the year making lifelong memories with their friends.