Exhale and excel

My name is Joshua and I am a member of the class of 2014. I'm from St. Lucia. I enjoy hanging out with friends, travelling, music and competitive swimming.

My favorite place on campus is the Ian Graham Athletic Center. There, I find myself possessing a relaxed intensity, day in and day out, to outdo myself and fulfill my potential. And not just for me. My swimming team is a family, my second family, complete with always supportive teammates and coaches, persons to pull you up by your bootstraps when not making the most of your time and opportunity. 

This school's gym is absolutely amazing. And not just for the student with high athletic ambitions. There,  healthy, balanced lifestyles are facilitated and encouraged. It's a place where all students can easily put aside the academic rigor for a couple hours a week. The Athletic Center is the place to exhale and excel.