Gearing up for junior year

Christian '15
Day student
Interests: Baseball, Math & Science

This year I was excited to get back to school to start my junior year academically and to start my preparation for baseball.  I was excited for the challenges that awaited me in the classroom and to start working with the Engineering Club on some exciting new projects.  According to all of the people that I have talked to they say that junior year is the hardest year of high school.  On top of that I have a full schedule, but I am ready for all the trails that are ahead of me. 

I also couldn’t wait to go back into the excellent weight room we have here at Peddie.  Working out at home is nothing like working out here at school.  Getting back into the weight room to start getting ready for the baseball season is going to be great.  I am also glad to be back in the atmosphere of Peddie, to be back around the teachers, students, and my friends at school.